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A time for action: fighting COVID-19

IQVIA is proud to be part of the global effort against COVID-19. We have mobilized our people, capabilities and resources to understand the disease, accelerate treatments, and help communities and stakeholders address the impact of the virus.


Accelerating the development and delivery of treatments and vaccines

Use of data science to understand the disease, its spread and the outcomes of mitigation efforts

  • AI-based disease trackers and prediction models.

  • Participation in a global hackathon to assess real-world data and predictive models

  • Patient apps to enable reliable information sharing

Donations of materials and expertise

  • 4000+ masks to healthcare workers

  • Experts to advise governments on actions and risk planning

  • Redeployment of clinical trial educators and nurses to provide in-home support for non-COVID patients and onsite device education (including ventilators) for COVID treatments

Committed to doing our part

Patients must be treated. Trials must continue. Innovation and discovery must advance – not just to solve our current crisis but also to ensure we are ready to take on what comes next.

Now, more than ever, we need Brave Minds helping everyone in healthcare do what needs to be done to keep things moving forward in this new reality.


Make an impact during your video interview

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us all to adjust how we work. In order to protect the health and safety of both our employees and interview candidates, we have transitioned all in-person interviews to video interviews. We sincerely value the time you spend with us and want to position you for success during this new virtual process.

Be yourself

This is a unique time for all of us. Bring your authentic self to your video interview. We’re in this together.

Back-up phone number

To mitigate any technology disruptions on the day of your interview, provide your recruiter a back-up phone number in advance. Proactively ask for one in return.

Test your technology

Ensure you've downloaded any necessary applications or software to enable you to successfully participate in the video interview.

Be prepared

Research IQVIA and print your resume ahead of time to ensure you don’t forget any key talking points. Prepare for commonly asked questions and create a list of questions to ask.

Minimize distractions

On the day of your interview, select a video location with good lighting and silence your mobile device. Ensure the background of your video stream is free from clutter. Have a glass of water nearby before your interview begins.

Dress for success

Wear the attire you would normally wear to an in-person interview.

Be prompt

Log in to your video interview five minutes before the interview is set to begin and ensure everything is working properly. Be prepared to begin at the arranged time.

Body language matters

During the video interview, be confident, smile, stay focused, and ensure you are positioned in the center of the screen.

Manage interruptions

If background noise or an unexpected visitor interrupts the interview, ask the interviewer for a moment, mute your line, and resolve the situation.

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